Traveling In Valencia Spain

Valencia Spain
May 26, 2019
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June 10, 2019
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Traveling In Valencia Spain

Travel Around In Valencia Spain

For the past two weeks, I got a chance to spend time in Valencia Spain as part of an on boarding training for the company I am currently working for. The trip was fully financed; which included boarding and travel expenses and some food. The trip was great as it was partially planned by the corporation. But after work, it was all me. And this is how I spent my time after work in Valencia.

I am not your typical traveler. I don’t like to do much of the touristy stuff. Although, some site is unavoidable as it is part of the things you must see and do while in the city. Aside from the main attraction such as the Valencian Cathedral where supposedly the holy grail is stored; the central square; The city of arts and sciences; I spent most of my time walking the streets of valencia around where I was staying, which is mainly in and around the old turid river (which is now a park that stretches many miles). Being able to walk around town and getting to know the different restaurants and taste different food is a wonderful experience. I also got to meet many local people; rather than just meeting the people from my work place.

Here are some important things to know; as you walk around the street you are bound to get lost, but if you have a sense of direction and always use the park as your central point for finding your ways, you will never get lost. It will take a little longer to get back home, but you will not be lost. Plus taxi is all over town. Get on the street and you will surely be able to wave down a taxi. I utilize uber quite a bit while I was in Valencia, but they are more expensive and toward the final days in Valencia, starting on June 1st, apparently Uber was pulled from the city and is no longer active. There is a different service provider similar to uber call Cabify. But again that service is a little bit more expensive than grabbing a taxi. I personally prefer to walk around. Except for when I am going to the marina, beach, oceangraffic, the city of arts and sciences… as all these places are quite a distances from my flat in Valencia.

If you really want to discover the small neighborhoods and what people do daily in the city of Valencia; take some time to walk around the city and truly admire the architecture of the city, as much of the buildings are built from ancient style and they remain reminiscence till today. I love european architectures and if you have the same taste as me, you will sure find architectures in the city of Valencia to be a aspiring.