Being in business for yourself isn’t simple, but experiences and continuous learning helps you grow. I started out as an internet marketer by doing web-design and coding. As I continue to grow my business,  I’ve become more of a consultant rather than the person behind the scene doing the work of web design and coding. I grew my business and I hired developers as well as designer from oversea to help me complete my work for me. Although, I continued to be an integral part of the coding and designing, I was putting more time in learning about my clients business to help them grow. I didn’t just want to deliver a product. I wanted to deliver a product that was going to produce positive result for my client. So as I continued my growth journey, so did my knowledge. Today, I use my experience and knowledge to help small business and big business owner grow.

These are different services that I provide to my clients:

  1. Business Consulting
  2. Business Coaching
  3. Personal Coaching
  4. Business Program Development
  5. Formation of business
  6. Business Planning
  7. Keynote Speaking
  8. Motivational Speaker

My hourly rates start at $950

If you are looking for me to speak at your event. Please contact me directly to book. My rates for speaking is dependent on group size, subject, and travel distances.

You can reach me at (386) 984-1151 or email