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June 10, 2019
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June 12, 2019
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Get Out And Join A Group Tours

There are many ways you can meet other travelers; one of those ways is by joining a group tour. By joining a group tour, you will be able to meet other travelers who can offer you advice on where to go and what to eat. They can also help you by telling you what to avoid.

As part of the group tour you can also meet savvy locals who will or can be your tour guide.

If you are afraid of meeting people by joining a group tour in real life at first; you can meet people online via sites such as lonely planets to connect and learn more before venturing out to join groups.

I believe that sometime meeting groups of people who have the same mindset and want to discover the local culture, traditions, and sites is an awesome way to explore. Although, I do mostly solo travel, but occasionally I break out and join a group.