Am I Running Away?

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June 15, 2019
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Am I Running Away?

Am I Running Away

My ex asked me why am I always traveling; what are you running away from? I was shocked by the question, and didn’t know how to answer her at that time. It wasn’t till years later after breaking up with her and 2 other relationship that I realized I wasn’t running away from anything or anyone. I am just at peace with myself and content with doing what I love; which is traveling.

People think that traveling or going on vacation means that you are trying to “escape life” or for lack of better words, not taking responsibility for your life and not growing up. On the contrary, I believe that I am living life to the fullest when I am on the road. As it helps open my mind up to many things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Did something traumatic happen in my life that caused me to travel so much; am I trying to escape from that trauma and seeking answer? To be honest, many traumatic things happen in my life, and yes whenever something traumatic happens, I tend to hit the road. But it isn’t that I am looking to escape it, it is because I find peace when I travel, and it helps me to get a different perspective into the situation. Sometime, instead of being angry with the situation and responding to it with anger, you just need to be in silence and leave the situation and come back with a different perspective to solve the problem. It is better than responding with anger and cause more problem or cause a volcanic eruption.

I truly believe that there is more to life than sitting in an office or building each day and then coming home, and repeat the same process. If you can find the means to go out and explore the world, do so.

People have different perspective about life and I don’t antagonized them for the choice they choose. They may just want to find peace and consistency in their life. It is their calm and happiness. For me on the other hand, I find peace sitting at a waterfall half way across the world and feeling the water flow down the stream through my toes.

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Until next time, happy travel… namaste.