Want to know more about me?

I am just an average guy living in Florida working hard to support and build a lifestyle that I’ve always wanted. Traveling is one of the biggest thing I love to do and I share this on my website as often as I can.

I pride myself in the work that I do for people; because I help each client live a more fulfilled life through passion, honesty, integrity, compassion, and devotion.

I’ve made my share of mistakes in life. And the worst mistakes in life; had a major impact on the people around me. From that mistake; I’ve learned and grow. Everything I do is now carefully thought out and the people I work with, I chose very carefully. If at any moment I feel that we can’t work together because our energy doesn’t match; I will end the contract. I want to be able to sleep at night and disconnect with people who have negative energy and drain me.

This is why I only offer services that I can provide and carry through. I will not take on projects that I know that I cannot produce results. So when you hire me, you know that you are hiring a 100% authentic person who will produce results based on knowledge and experiences.